Friday, April 4, 2008

Part Two: Cartoon Corner; Thanks to cartoonist Graeme MacKay;

This posting's cartoon of Dr. Charles Smith is by the Hamilton Spectator's editorial cartoonist Graeme MacKay;

MacKay has caught another attribute of Dr. Charles Smith that emerged during the Smith Inquiry: A shameless tendency to blame others for his actions.

From his "bio."

"Born in 1968, MacKay, according to his "bio" grew up in Dundas, Ontario, Canada. He's always been a "news geek" and was the kid who never stopped doodling. He would draw his teachers and classmates, a sure way to win a chuckle or two. In the fourth grade, he drew the whole class, and ran off photocopies for them all, on demand. He also attended junior art classes at the Dundas Valley School of Art in the late 1970s.

Once he graduated from Parkside High School in Dundas, Graeme attended the University of Ottawa. There he submitted cartoons to the student newspaper, The Fulcrum, and and became the graphics editor. In 1992 he went to Europe with sketchbook in hand and honed his skills. But he also put in time as a bacon butcher at London's luxurious Harrod's department store, serving aristocrats and aging James Bond movie actors.

After returning to Canada in 1994, he submitted cartoons to various newspapers. His work caught the eye of the Hamilton Spectator and in 1997, he was hired as a full-time editorial cartoonist. Since then, his wit and often biting cartoons have graced the pages of his hometown paper.

Besides creating five editorial cartoons per week for the Spectator, Graeme's work occasionally appears in MacLean's magazine and in papers throughout North America. (Posing here with a group of colleagues.) He is nationally syndicated through Artizans. His work is published in several books and is presented annually in Portfoolio, Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year, and Political Cartoons of the Year.

Graeme resides in Hamilton, with his wife Wendi, and their beautiful daughters, Gillian and Jacqueline."

MacKay kindly notes on his Web-site that, "Bloggers are free to post any of MacKay's cartoons to their blog site without prior consent."

This is much appreciated.

See more of MacKay's compelling work on his Web-site at:;