GIST: "David Harold Eastman can have another judicial inquiry if he can cast fresh doubt on the soundness of his murder conviction, a court has ruled. A full bench of the ACT Supreme Court overturned yesterday the decision of Justice Shane Marshall, who earlier this year ruled he had no power to order a second inquiry into findings that Eastman shot assistant police commissioner Colin Winchester in 1989. The three judges said Justice Marshall's interpretation could bar innocent people exonerated by scientific advances from rightfully obtaining a fresh review. 'The consequences of the construction accepted by His Honour [Justice Marshall] would be that if, for example, advances in forensic medicine proved the innocence of the person convicted, no further inquiry could take place,'' they wrote. And the ruling also paves the way for Eastman to again make his case before Justice Marshall, relying on fresh questions about his guilt.........Eastman's lawyers have a string of grounds they will seek to put before the judge. Chief among them is the emergency of an old friend who claims he borrowed Eastman's car to go rabbit shooting in the 1980s and left his rifle in the boot. Eastman's lawyers will argue it could explain the presence of gunshot residue in the car They will also point to the high-profile British case of a Barry George, wrongly convicted but eventually acquitted of murder after doubt was cast on the reliability of ''low-level'' gunshot residue."