Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gordon Wood: New South Wales; Acquitted of murder of Caroiine Byrne. Case reveals systemic forensic flaws; The Courier-Mail.

STORY: "Gordon Wood acquitted of murder of Caroline Byrne", by reporter Amy dale, published in the Courier Mail on February 25, 2012. (Australia);

GIST: "The NSW Court of Criminal Appeal has determined that Wood, who had been serving a minimum 13-year sentence for the crime, should not have to face another trial after accepting that evidence presented to the 2008 jury was flawed and his conviction unsafe.........During the eight-day hearing last year, Wood’s appeal barrister Tim Game SC presented nine grounds of appeal, which included evidence that forensic material presented at the trial was flawed. The appeal was told the evidence of associate physics professor Rod Cross was biased, and that the jury hadn’t been told the true extent of his involvement in the police case. Mr Game said that Professor Cross, who later wrote a book about the case and trial, had been part of “a project to prove Gordon Wood was guilty of murder”, leading Justice McClellan to note that the witness had “crossed the line no expert should cross." Professor Cross’s evidence to the jury - in which he said Wood was strong enough to throw his girlfriend the 11.8 out from the cliff face - was also scrutinised at the appeal, with Justice Rothman that those tests had been done with a compliant woman. "Surely… the person would be struggling so all the spear tests about throwing would be irrelevant, are they not?” he said. The appeal was also told that a photo said to be taken shortly after the model’s death and tendered to the murder trial was in fact taken in 2003 - a difference which could impact on the calculations that were presented by Professor Cross."

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