Saturday, July 14, 2012

Michael Chamberlain: His book "Heart of Stone," assails lies, rumours, and the prosecution's presentation of forensic evidence. New Zealand Herald.

STORY: "Runours and lies fed dingo case," by reporter Nicholas Jones, published in the New Zealand Herald on July 7, 2010.

But several days later a reporter told the Chamberlains that he found their composure suspicious. Soon afterwards, a police detective told Michael Chamberlain in an interview what he now identifies as "the first great lie". "He put it to me that Azaria's clothing was found folded and placed in the crevice of a rock. Now, he lied. And that was the first great lie," Chamberlain said. A hostile media, fed further false information by police, soon had the couple marked as murderers by much of Australia.........But it was the prosecution's presentation of forensic evidence to show that blood was found in the Chamberlains' car which was critical. People threatened to kill the couple and spat on Lindy as she walked into the court. It was only later that the "blood" was discovered to be a mixture of spilt milkshake and a chemical spray. "At the time it was sensational. And again - lie upon lie," Chamberlain said.


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