Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ashley Smith: Toronto Star opposes attempts by three Ontario doctors who cared for her in prison to limit the Coroner's Inquest.

EDITORIAL: "Ashley Smith tragedy demands a full inquest," published by the Toronto Star on September 29, 2012.

GIST: "How could a teenager strangle herself and die while Kitchener prison guards watched and did nothing to stop her? Ontarians have been waiting for an answer to that question since 2007. Now, unbelievably, three of the Ontario doctors who were responsible for Ashley Smith’s care are set to further delay the coroner’s inquest into her death with a motion to limit what the jury can hear.
No one should be trying to delay these proceedings or limit the scope of this inquiry, least of all medical caregivers. Yet two psychiatrists and a general practitioner are challenging the jurisdiction of the coroner to probe events that occurred outside Ontario..........The presiding coroner, Dr. John Carlisle, has every good reason to want to look at events that took place outside Ontario — those, as much as what happened here, contributed to her suicidal despair and death. Indeed, Carlisle — an experienced lawyer and doctor himself — was brought in as coroner on this case to set right the debacle of a previous, aborted inquest that would have been so limited in scope it couldn’t possibly have gotten to the bottom of what happened. Doctors and correctional officials in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan seemingly had few problems moving Smith across provincial boundaries when she was alive. Lines on a map shouldn’t now be invoked to limit the probe into her tragic death."
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