STORY:  "Jury selected to determine ex=psychiatrist's fitness for sex-assault trial," by reporter Daryl Slade, published in the Calgary Herald on September 28, 2012.

GIST:  "A defence application to determine the mental fitness of one-time prominent forensic psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin has pushed back by a week the start of his trial for allegedly sexually assaulting 10 patients. The first of two juries selected on Friday will hear evidence beginning Wednesday, dealing with Levin’s current mental capability to stand trial. Defence lawyers Alain Hepner and Maureen McConaghy indicated they will call three doctors to show Levin, 73, is suffering from a mental disorder. It is expected Crown prosecutors Bill Wister and Dallas Sopko will call at least one doctor in rebuttal. Once the evidence has been called and arguments made by counsel, the jury of six men and six women will deliberate on Levin’s mental fitness. If they deem he is fit, the scheduled six-week trial would proceed Oct. 9 before Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Donna Shelley with a different jury of eight men and four women.
Should the first jury deem Levin is unfit to stand trial, the trial would have to be adjourned and could not proceed until such a time as the accused is deemed fit.
Shelley rejected on Thursday a separate defence application to adjourn the trial for thee months because of Levin’s frail physical health."
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