GIST: "It seems that every week there is more news com­ing out of a foren­sic lab­o­ra­tory of major lab­o­ra­tory fail­ures. This time it is from the state of Mass­a­chu­setts where a state crime lab has been shut down and 50,000 sam­ples from at least 34,000 dif­fer­ent accused cit­i­zens are now all in question....Where was the lab’s Qual­ity Assur­ance per­son­nel? How did they miss these errors for nine straight years?! Is that not hard to believe? Sec­ond, where was the train­ing for the per­son who is sup­pos­edly solely respon­si­ble for these errors? Third, where was this person’s super­vi­sor or super­vi­sors? This is a lab­o­ra­tory wide, if not sys­tem wide, fail­ure and not as sim­ple of a fix as get rid of the scape­goat and all is mag­i­cally per­fect again."