Saturday, December 22, 2012

David Bain: Lindy Chamberlain's lawyer believes David Bain has been treated worse than his own client. New Zealand Herald.

STORY: "Pay Bain, says Chamberlain lawyer," by reporter Yvonne Tahana published in the New  Zealand Herald on December 19, 2012.

SUB-HEADING: "Appalling behavior by Minister of Justice over independent report makes expat Kiwi solicitor "ashamed."

GIST: "David Bain has suffered enough, Stuart Tipple says. Lindy Chamberlain's lawyer believes David Bain has been treated worse than his own client by the justice system - led at the very top by Judith Collins. For three decades solicitor Stuart Tipple, who describes himself as a proud expat Kiwi, fought through multiple inquests, a trial, appeals to the Federal and High Courts, and a Royal Commission for a finding that Azaria Chamberlain was taken by a dingo. In June this year he was the sole legal representative at the fourth inquest which made exactly that finding nearly 32 years after the infant was taken at Uluru. Mr Tipple said he had followed the Bain case closely. He was aghast at Ms Collins' criticism of the independent report written by retired Canadian judge Ian Binnie, while keeping its contents confidential. "I'm really disturbed there's not more legal people in New Zealand that are standing up and saying this is just not good enough. You're just making our whole judicial system a laughing stock. "During that time representing Lindy Chamberlain, I used to think 'this wouldn't happen if I was in New Zealand' but ... in the Bain case I think he has been subjected to actually worse injustices than the Chamberlains." He claimed that Collins' actions were "basically painting a picture that she believes he's guilty". "That's how she's viewing the Binnie report. She's actually not accepting the jury verdict - which is: You are not guilty David Bain, you are innocent.
"It's so inappropriate for a Minister of Justice. She should be accepting that the jury's verdict as binding. I just find her conduct on the whole matter appalling and I'm ashamed. Deeply ashamed."

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