SUB-HEADING:  "Dr. Aubrey Levin is on trial in Calgary, accused of sexually assaulting patients when he was a forensic psychiatrist."

GIST:   "All doctors, including psychiatrists, should get consent for procedures they perform on patients and document both the consent and details of the procedure, a high-ranking health official testified at the Dr. Aubrey Levin sexual assault trial on Tuesday. “In general, obtaining consent is engaging in dialogue or discussions regarding risks of certain procedures,” said Dr. Francois Belanger, a pediatric emergency physician and vice-president of the Calgary Zone for Alberta Health Services.........Many of the 10 complainants have alleged they did not consent to Levin, a former forensic psychiatrist, touching or fondling their genitals during primarily court-ordered sessions between 1999 and 2010. They say Levin did not discuss such procedures or actions ahead of time and did not obtain consent. As well, they testified, the doctor did not wash his hands before or wear protective rubber gloves during the procedures. Levin has denied sexually assaulting the men. He told police in an interview after his arrest, played in court earlier in trial, that he was assisting the patients with sexual dysfunction and/or erectile dysfunction. As well, he told police he performed the procedure because it takes many months to get a urologist to do it, and many of the patients he had through the court system did not have family doctors.........The trial before Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Donna Shelley and jury continues."

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