Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rene Bailey: Greece; New York; "Democrat and Chronicle" uses day care provider's case to visit "shaken-baby syndrome" in a 2-part series - with stress on the growing controversy and growing doubts;

STORY:  "Watchdog report: Shaken-baby science doubts grow: Debate stirs questions about 2001 conviction of Greece woman,"  by reporter Steve Orr, published by ther Democrat and Chronicle on July 1, 2013. (Part one of a two-part series). (Thanks to the Wrongful Convictions Blog" for drawing our attention to this story. HL.)

VIDEO CAPTION:  "Controversy over shaken baby syndrome: In a two-day series, the Democrat and Chronicle explores the growing controversy behind shaken baby syndrome – a diagnosis that shaking caused severe injuries or death with a child – and looks at a conviction now under challenge."

GIST: "Eleven years ago, a Greece day-care provider was convicted of murder after the death of a 2½-year-old child who suffered a grievous head injury in the provider’s home. René Bailey, now 53 years old, remains in state prison. But a pro bono lawyer is out to see her exonerated. The lawyer, Adele Bernhard, has filed a lengthy legal challenge to Bailey’s conviction, hoping to persuade a Monroe County Court judge not just that Bailey is innocent of the crime but that no crime was even committed that fateful day in June 2001. Bernhard says new evidence, including a startling eyewitness account that came to light after Bailey’s trial, proves little Brittney Sheets’ death was accidental.........At the heart of René Bailey’s conviction, and Bernhard’s legal challenge, is shaken-baby syndrome, the popular term used to describe brain damage suffered by an infant or toddler who is violently shaken by an adult. Over the last 30 years, shaken-baby syndrome has come to be considered one of the most heinous forms of child abuse. Dozens of people in the Rochester area, and thousands nationwide, have been prosecuted for harming or killing small children in this way. The scales of justice in these cases often tip on the word of doctors who say they can discern that intentional shaking took place by the nature of the injuries suffered by the young victims. Many physicians and prosecutors remain confident in those judgments, but some critics say those doctors can be wrong. They claim innocent people have been sent to prison. René Bailey is one of them, Bernhard believes."



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