Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Innocence Game: NPR Interview with author Michael Harvey - author of "the Innocence Game, a thriller based on Northwestern University's Innocence Project; (The antagonists are detectives, prosecutors and forensic scientists "who hope to further their careers by increasing their conviction rates." (Sound familiar? HL); WUWM. NPR. 89.7.

STORY: "The Innocence Game," by Michael Harvey,  based on Bonny North's  interview with author Michael Harvey, published by WUWM Milwaukey Public Radio. (89.7); Michael Harvey is the author of The Innocence Game, the first in a series of university mysteries. He is also the author of the Chicago-based Michael Kelly mysteries. A successful novelist, Harvey is also an attorney, an adjunct professor at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, and a documentary filmmaker. He is also the co-creator, writer and executive producer of the Emmy-nominated television series Cold Case Files TMHe lives in Chicago. Our thanks to the Wrongful Convictions Blog for drawing our attention to this story.

GIST: Michael Harvey’s newest novel, The Innocence Game, is based on Northwestern University's Innocence Project. It follows three students who are chosen to participate in a special seminar led by one of the school’s most distinguished professors. They find a case where in they suspect that someone on death row might be innocent. After looking deeper they find a couple other cases that might be linked to it where they again uncover the innocence of the convicted. The students come to the conclusion that the individuals convicted have been framed by some members of the Chicago Police Department; detectives, prosecutors and forensic scientists who hope to further their careers by increasing their conviction rates.  But as the three students submerge themselves deeper they find they too are in corruption's deadly grasp..........Harvey also regards the incentives for convictions as biased and convenient for prosecutors, cops and forensic scientists alike. Harvey attests that the current structure is “flawed”, because based on the convictions they acquire, promotions that further their own careers soon follow.  The system is most definitely skewed towards the prosecution due to the amount of power they have at their disposal and preconceived notions; a reality that Harvey doesn’t see changing in the future. Harvey believes “the power of inertia within system”, will prevent its structural change because those at the top are not willing to compromise their own situation or hold on control."

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