Thursday, December 24, 2015

Motherisk; (Aftermath 7); Probity of Hospital for Sick Children; Flashback to 2000; Juror accuses famed hospital of a "cover-up" and "a smokescreen" in a spontaneous outburst during the 2000 Lisa Shore inquest.

PUBLISHER'S VIEW: My reflections on the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children over the past few days - as prompted by revelations of the hospital's  'Motherisk' scandal  - have brought back to mind one of the most extraordinary moments I have ever experienced in a lifetime of journalism. It occurred during a session of the inquest into the death of Lisa Shore, who had been admitted to the world-famous hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening pain, while a "nursing educator" was on the witness stand. During the course of her testimony, a juror lashed out at the hospital. This was the first time in years of reporting that I have ever heard such a spontaneous condemnation of an institution by inquest juror  during the proceedings. "The testimony that we've heard by the nurses telling us what was done, what we find wasn't done, filling in flowsheets with parts of what should have been filled in...We've heard of instances supposedly where people have lied to one another, or errors being made in certain documents. And I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask this but to me this sounds like a cover-up. We've been given a smokescreen. I realize  Sick Children's Hospital is well known  and unblemished, and I hope that this situation is just a isolated case and it covers the whole iceberg and not just the tip." As  Sharon Shore wrote in 'No Moral Conscience': "The next day's front page  headline read, "Sick Kids cover-up charged; Inquest juror points finger at Toronto hospital." February 4, 2000.

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