Sunday, September 17, 2017

False confessions (1): New Netflix series: 'The Confession Tapes.' Is it the new ‘Making a Murderer’?'...Interesting analysis by Jessica McBride on"The series starts with two episodes about the murder case of Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay, who were convicted in the 1994 Washington State murders of Rafay’s father, mother, and sister, who were found beaten to death with a bat in the family’s home. However, just when the audience is fully engaged in the Burns and Rafay story (and it’s a very compelling one, with serious questions about their guilt), the series switches cases altogether. One couldn’t help but think that Burns and Rafay could have carried all of season 1 of The Confession Tapes themselves."

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This Blog is interested in false confessions because of the disturbing number  of exonerations in the USA, Canada and multiple other jurisdictions throughout the world, where, in the absence of incriminating forensic evidence the conviction is based on self-incrimination – and because of the growing body of  scientific research showing how vulnerable suspects    (especially juveniles)  are to widely used interviewing methods  such as  the notorious ‘Reid Technique.’

Harold Levy: Publisher: The Charles Smith Blog.

STORY: 'Confession Tapes' Netflix Series: The New ‘Making a Murderer’? by Jessica McBride, published by '' on September 14, 2017. ("Jessica McBride is a Heavy contributor. She was a crime, government, and breaking news reporter for daily newspapers, and her award-winning work has appeared in numerous magazine, newspaper, and online publications. She has also appeared on numerous national crime shows."...