Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Blood splatter Series: Joe Bryan: Texas: (Part 3): Reporter Pamela Colloff: (ProPublica): 'Joe Bryan's Attorneys Ask For New Trial, Say Murder Conviction Built On Faulty Forensics.'..."This week's evidentiary hearing was the culmination of years of efforts to have Bryan's case re-examined, and the legal proceedings unfolded with all the intrigue and plot twists of a high-profile murder trial. One of the country's most prominent bloodstain pattern analysts would discredit a former student who was a key witness for the prosecution. The former district attorney who prosecuted Bryan not once but twice would claim that he could not remember basic facts of the case. And four women would give powerful testimony that raised questions about whether a now-deceased former Clifton police officer could be the real killer. The potential of the hearing to serve as a referendum on the use of flawed forensic testimony in the courtroom also drew Michael Morton, who has become a powerful symbol of Texas's efforts to reform its criminal justice system. Morton spent nearly 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife, Christine, before being exonerated in 2011 when DNA analysis implicated the actual killer. "Joe Bryan's situation dredges up old memories for me, because I can't help seeing myself there, in his shoes," Morton said. "We were both convicted because of misapplied science and character assassination."

Joe Bryan's Attorneys Ask For New Trial, Say Murder… — ProPublica


PASSAGE OF THE DAY: "Bryan's case commanded the attention of the forensics community when the Texas Forensic Science Commission — which investigates complaints about the misuse of forensic testimony and evidence in criminal cases — announced that the blood-spatter analysis used to convict him was "not accurate or scientifically supported." Spurred by the Bryan case, the commission had already moved to end the practice of allowing law enforcement officers with minimal training in bloodstain-pattern interpretation to testify in Texas, stipulating that such analysis must be performed by an accredited organization if it is to be allowed in court. The decision is expected to prompt other states to follow suit, as the influential commission's reforms often do."


STORY: "Joe Bryan's Attorneys Ask For New Trial, Say Murder Conviction Built On Faulty Forensics," by reporter Pamela Colloff, published by The New York Times/ProPublica on August 24, 2018.

SUB-HEADING: During a three-day hearing in Texas, a succession of witnesses criticized the bloodstain-pattern analysis and exposed other flaws in the prosecution of a former high school principal convicted of the 1985 murder of his wife.
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