Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Rodney Reed: Death Row: Texas: Petition update: Video Part 6. 'Suppressed eviidence.'... (Execution set for November 20); His supporters have released 'Part 6' of a set of videos which set out the many compelling reasons why Texas will be killing an innocent man - including the State's refusal to allow DNA tests which could show that he is innocent.


"Blogger/extraordinaire Jeff Gamso's blunt, unequivocal, unforgettable message to the powers that be in California: "JUST TEST THE FUCKING DNA." (Oh yes, Gamso raises, as he does in many of his posts, an important philosophical question: This post is headed: "What is truth, said jesting Pilate.")..."So what's the harm? What, exactly, are they scared of? Don't we want the truth?"



RODNEY REED IS INNOCENT: THE VIDEO: PART 6: ""Suppressed Evidence" of the 'Plea for Justice: Save Rodney Reed' documentary series examines the troubling events surrounding the death of Bastrop Police Officer Ed Salmela during the course of the Stacey Stites murder investigation and its connection to Rodney Reed's wrongful conviction in the case. Specifically, the documentary parses investigative reports, trial testimony and witness interviews to reveal an incomplete investigation by Texas Ranger Lynn "Rocky" Wardlow, who failed to conduct basic tests, follow-up on readily available evidence and leads, and failed to reveal the true nature of his relationship with Officer Salmela. Additionally, this section discusses the continued relevance of a suppressed DNA lab report that named Ed Salmela and David Hall (both local police officers) as possible contributors to DNA found on evidence at the scene where the body was discovered, as well as the threatening tactics used by Prosecutor Lisa Tanner in the now 21 year-long wrongful prosecution of Rodney Reed.
“A Plea for Justice: Why Texas Will Be Executing an Innocent Man” is an ongoing, multi-part documentary series that examines the facts and evidence in the capital murder case against Rodney Reed for which he currently faces an execution date of November 20th (2019) in the state of Texas. The series is intended to highlight the evidence that illustrates that Reed is actually innocent of the crime in hopes that this pending, wrongful execution can be avoided."

The entire update - including access to the video and the petition itself - can be accessed at:

See video: Part 5: "Junk science."

Video:  Part 4:  "Jealous of everyone."

Video: Part 3:"A serial violent offender."

 Part 2: A credible witness - and Part 1: Time of death;


PETITION: To stop the execution of Rodney Reed:


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