Monday, October 14, 2019

Rodney Reed: Death Row; Texas: Video-presentation: Part Four: Execution set for November 20: A plea for justice. (Part 4).

VIDEO: Part four of the unique video production aimed at drawing public attention to the horrific, incorrectable miscarriage of justice that is doomed to occur if Rodney Reed is executed on November 20 without the DNA testing being requested by the defence to prove his innocence - now being blocked by prosecutors. Its called "A plea for justice: 'Jealous of everyone'; 'Why Texas will be executing an innocent man': Part four,  published by  on Oct 14, 2019. (A petition opposing the execution can be found at the link below).

GIST: "A Plea for Justice: Part 4, "Jealous of Everyone," examines the relationship between Stacey Stites and Jimmy Fennell in the months, weeks and days leading up the murder. Contrary to trial testimony heard by jurors, recovered police reports and new witness statements indicate the Stites and Fennell were frequently fighting, Fennell was constantly jealous and threatening, and Stites was afraid Fennell would discover that she was being unfaithful. Additionally, new critical witnesses have recently come forward. These witnesses include a life insurance agent who says she heard Fennell threaten to kill Stites if he ever discovered her cheating, and a former Lee County Sheriff's deputy who heard Fennell, at Stites funeral, say to the victim's dead body that she "got what she deserved."

The entire entry can be read (and watched) and petitioned signed  at:

PETITION: To stop the execution of Rodney Reed:

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