PC Myall is noted as telling Dickinson: “We received a telephone call at the P.Stn (Police Station, Witham). "The officer (PC West) at CD Control (Chelmsford) was on the phone and told us that he was relating information to us and still had the informant (Jeremy Bamber) on the other telephone.” The trial judge had instructed the jury to disregard Bamber’s claims that he had called police from his home at 3.36am. And prosecutors told the trial Bamber had invented the call from Nevill to lay the blame on schizophrenic Sheila, known as Bambi when she worked as a model. Bamber was convicted by a 10-2 majority of murdering his family to claim a £436,000 inheritance. He was initially sentenced to five life sentences, to serve a minimum 25 years, but that was increased to a whole life tariff in 1994. The Mirror revealed in 2010 how lost phone logs showed it was Nevill who called police at 3.26am. A further record submitted to the Criminal Case Review Commission in 2010 showed a 3.36am call to police from Jeremy Bamber. But the CCRC ruled the 3.36am call was noted in error and that there was just one call, from Jeremy not Nevill, made at 3.26am from White House Farm scene. The new “3.37am” note is said to prove the existence of the second call. ITV last week announced a drama about the murders next year, with Freddie Fox as Bamber, who is in Wakefield jail, West Yorkshire. Bamber was famously pictured with girlfriend Julie Mugford, 21, struggling to contain his grief walking behind his parents’ coffins at their funeral. After Julie found he had cheated on her, she told police Bamber had talked of hiring a hitman to kill his parents. A blood-stained silencer was also found at the farm by Bamber’s cousin. Bamber’s team say they now have evidence of two silencers examined by police, both believed to contain blood that could belong to Sheila or now-deceased cousin Robert Boutflour. They say a forensic report has been given to the CPS about this evidence. Bamber believes police always had evidence that would have cleared him, but failed to disclose it at his trial, his first appeal in 1989 or second in 2002. Between 2004 and 2011, Bamber made three CCRC submissions in a failed attempt to get his case back to the Court of Appeal. He has also made appeals against his whole life tariff. Essex Police said: “There has never been anything to suggest that he was wrongly convicted.” But Bamber’s lawyer is now hopeful of a new appeal. Mr Newby said: “The phone call information is consistent with what Jeremy Bamber always said. It is part of a package of evidence that should lead to a positive review for Jeremy. “It’s fair to say when we go back to the CCRC we will have a pretty strong package which we hope they will refer to the Court of Appeal. We hope we will get it across the line. “If we do, it is probably this country’s greatest ever miscarriage of justice.""

The case against: The prosecution said Bamber, then 24, had cycled to White House Farm and got in via an insecure window before murdering his family. Girlfriend Julie Mugford said Bamber had planned the killings and had phoned her, saying: “Tonight’s the night.” A silencer found three days later had Sheila’s blood inside. Prosecutors said she could hardly have put it back in the cupboard if she had already killed herself with it."

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Read the statement Jeremy Bamber's lawyers released after the Mirror published this story at the link below: "Today a story appeared on the Front Page of the Mirror concerning the Case of Jeremy Bamber and this is our statement in relation to that. We confirm we act on behalf of Jeremy Bamber and have seen the article now published by the Mirror which we contributed to.  Further we can confirm that we are working with Jeremy's dedicated support team to build an extensive package of grounds including the evidence referred to in the Mirror so that we can provide the Criminal Cases Review Commission a set of grounds of appeal upon which it can make a swift referral back to the Court of Appeal. That also relies upon obtaining further disclosure which is currently being sought . 
This is a complex case and if successful would be one of the U.K.'s most notorious miscarriages of justice. We do not propose therefore as Jeremy's legal team  to further elaborate on the grounds to be advanced or other actions that may be imminent at this stage, however we expect to make a further statement in the coming weeks. 

Read Wikipedia entry in full at the link below: "Bamber alerted police to the shootings at around 3:30 am on 7 August 1985. He told them that Nevill telephoned him to say that Bamber's sister, Sheila Caffell, had gone "berserk" with Nevill's rifle. Caffell was found dead on the floor of her parents' bedroom, with the rifle up against her throat. June Bamber was found in the same room. Caffell's six-year-old twin sons, Nicholas and Daniel, were found in their beds in another upstairs room, while Nevill was found in the kitchen downstairs. The family had been shot 25 times, mostly at close range.[4] Caffell had spent time in a psychiatric hospital being treated for schizophrenia months before the murders. The police believed that she was responsible until Bamber's girlfriend told them he had implicated himself.[4] The prosecution case included that there was no evidence that Bamber's father had telephoned him. They argued that the father was too badly injured to have spoken to anyone; that there was no blood on the kitchen phone; and that he would have called the police, not Bamber. They also argued that the silencer was on the gun when the shots were fired, and that Caffell's reach was not long enough to hold the gun and silencer at her throat and press the trigger. In addition she was not strong enough, they said, to have overcome her father in what appeared to have been a violent struggle in the kitchen. They also argued that the fact Sheila had shot herself twice in her apparent suicide attempt was evidence that she was not the killer.[20] Bamber's defence team unsuccessfully challenged the evidence over the years. They alleged that a police log suggested that Bamber's father had indeed called the police that night, and that the silencer may not have been on the gun during the attacks.[21] The silencer evidence was unreliable, they argued, because the silencer was found in a farmhouse cupboard by one of Bamber's cousins 3 days after the murders."

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