Thursday, September 12, 2013

David Camm; Indiana; Former inmate says Camm confessed to the murders; Defence lawyer notes that Jeremy Bullock said in depositions that after seeing the CBS 48 Hours show about the murders he told other inmates that he intended to get "that cop." Courier-Journal;

STORY:  "David Camm confessed to murders, former inmate says," by reporter Grace Schneider, published by the Courier-Journal on September 12, 2103.

GIST: "A former prison inmate told jurors Thursday morning that he was giving David Camm a tattoo when Camm confessed to killing his family. The ex-convict, Jeremy Bullock, said in court that Camm told him that he used the alibi of playing basketball at a church, and that Camm said he’d left during the games and carried out the crimes with a .380-calibre handgun. David Camm told him that he and his wife were fighting a lot then and “there was talk about the marriage being ended,” Bullock said. Camm’s lawyer Richard Kammen challenged Bullock’s credibility and provided evidence that showed that a prosecutor later mentioned the ex-convict’s testimony when petitioning for a sentence modification. Bullock, who was convicted of murder and served 18 years in prison, said he contacted authoritie and testified during Camm’s second trial in 2006.........Under Kammen’s cross examination, Bullock denied that he was known as a jailhouse snitch and that he’d come forward with the account to get his sentence reduced or to get moved from the Michigan City maximum-security prison where he’d met Camm, a former Indiana state trooper. Kammen noted that Bullock had mentioned in depositions that he’d seen the CBS 48 Hours show about the murders after the first Camm trial and had told other inmates he intended to get “that cop.” The former inmate now on probation looked genuinely surprised when Kammen showed him a 2009 petition to modify his sentence in which the Johnson County prosecutor mentioned that Bullock had cooperated with prosecutors in testifying in Camm’s 2006 trial.........Earlier on Thursday, Boney’s former girlfriend was expected to testify -- until the parties discovered that the woman, Mala Singh-Mattingly, had submitted written statements to investigators after police first questioned her in 2005. Because neither the defense nor the prosecution had had a chance to review the documents, they agreed Singh-Mattingly would probably testify this Tuesday. The woman, who was dating Boney during the time of the murders, was at Boney’s mother’s residence in New Albany when Boney said he returned from the Camm home. She was flown in from Trinidad, where she’s lived in recent years. Kammen said in court while discussing Singh-Mattingly’s statements that some of the typed and hand-written statements are “exculpatory,” or favorable to helping clear Camm but others “cut both ways.” He declined to say after court recessed."

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