GIST: "Evidentiary hearings that could lead to freedom or a new triall for Hannah Overton—the Corpus Christi, Texas, mother imprisoned in 2007 after being accused of salt poisoning her 4-year-old foster child—have concluded in Texas District Court. Those supporting Overton believe the proceedings went in her favor. Despite earlier unsuccessful attempts for an appeal, Overton was given the opportunity for evidentiary hearings after her attorneys presented lab results they say were withheld at her previous trial, arguing that she received ineffective counsel. (See “Chance for appeal,” Feb. 14.).........When asked what went wrong in the Overton case, Orr (her defence lawyer HL) said, “I think the moral to the story is you don't do a capital murder [trial] in 10 days and arrest [someone] before the autopsy is even final. When you're dealing with rare disorders, you need to take your time and keep an open mind so that you know what's going on. I think the doctors did the best they could with what they had, but it wasn't good enough.” The state District Court has until early June to make a recommendation to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which could release Overton, order a new trial, or throw out the new evidence."