Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gordon wood; David Bain; ABC News puts spotlight on some "lack of science" behind forensic evidence heard in Australian and N.Z. courts;

STORY: "Courts use of forensic science called into question,"" by Deborah Cornwall, published by ABC News.

GIST: "Professor Gary Edmond, a leading legal forensic science expert, started observing expert witnesses in NSW courts four years ago and was shocked by what he found. "I must say I was scandalised by the quality of the evidence and the claims being made by experts or so-called experts, who didn't know whether they could actually do what they claimed or didn't know how accurate they were," he said. Professor Edmond's observations were reinforced by a warning from the US National Academy of Sciences in 2009 that - with the exception of DNA evidence - there was a remarkable lack of reliable research in even in the most routine forensic tests like fingerprinting or blood splatter patterns. "Things like voice comparison evidence, the use of images for identification purposes, other types of evidence like prints, footprints on carpet - there is very little in the way of testing of those practices and we know very little about their value as evidence," he said.........



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