Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bulletin: "shaken baby syndrome." "(SBS), Abusive head trauma, and actual innocence: Getting it right." Must read; Wrongful Convictions Blog;

STORY: "New comprehensive article on shaken baby syndrome," by Mark Godsey, published by the Wrongful Conviction Blog," on May 01, 2012.

GIST: "A team of innocence lawyers (including Network Board President Keith Findley) and medical experts have posted Shaken Baby Syndrome, Abusive Head Trauma, and Actual Innocence: Getting it Right on SSRN. Download full article here. Abstract:.........Reliance on groups that endorse a particular hypothesis is, however, antithetical to evidence-based medicine and Daubert, which require an objective assessment of the scientific evidence. In the past decades, thousands of parents and caretakers have been accused “and many convicted” of abusing children based on a hypothesis that is not scientifically supported. While we must do everything in our power to protect children, we must refrain from invoking abuse as a default diagnosis for medical findings that are complex, poorly understood and have a wide range of causes, some doubtlessly yet unknown. To this end, we are calling for collaboration between the medical and legal communities for the sole purpose of “getting it right.”




I am monitoring this case. Keep your eye on the Charles Smith Blog for reports on developments.

The Toronto Star, my previous employer for more than twenty incredible years, has put considerable effort into exposing the harm caused by Dr. Charles Smith and his protectors - and into pushing for reform of Ontario's forensic pediatric pathology system. The Star has a "topic" section which focuses on recent stories related to Dr. Charles Smith. It can be found at:


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