Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bulletin: Hassan Diab: Organization of Canadian scientists calls on Canadian justice system to nullify extradition order.

STORY: "Science for Peace" statement published on April 30, 2012. (Wikipedia informs us that: "Science for Peace is an organization of mainly Canadian scientists working together to promote peace worldwide. It was co-founded by mathematical psychologist Anatol Rapoport, and physicist Eric Fawcett, both former professors at the University of Toronto. It is based in Toronto, Ontario.")

GIST: "France has not even charged Dr. Diab, and the available evidence is highly flawed. Dr. Diab’s fingerprints and palm prints do not match the suspect’s. His physical description does not match and his handwriting does not match. Ontario judge Robert Maranger said that the allegations against him have been found “weak”, “suspect,” and “confusing” and that “the prospects of conviction in the context of a fair trial seems unlikely........In Canada, Dr. Diab was first imprisoned in 2008 for four months, then placed under strict house arrest and is strapped to a GPS monitoring bracelet. Both the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) and the Departments of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University deplored the dismissal of Dr. Diab from his position at the university. Justice for Dr. Diab is victim of a politicized judicial process in a milieu of Islamophobia. The flawed evidence is exactly like that used against Alfred Dreyfus in 1894 in an environment of anti-Semitism. Science for Peace calls on the Canadian justice system to nullify the extradition order and the onerous conditions of house arrest, to compensate him for his lost earnings and for the financial burden of his GPS device, and to ensure his reinstatement at Carleton university."



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