Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bulletin: Michael Morton: Special hearing. Day One: (Monday February 4, 2013). Lawyers spar over documents in Anderson inquiry. Riveting testimony by Michael Morton. Sharply worded battles over evidence. Reporter Chuck Lindell; American-Statesman.

STORY: "Lawyers spar over documents in Anderson Inquiry," by reporter Chuck Lindell, published by the American - Statesman on February 4, 2013."

GIST: "Riveting testimony by Michael Morton, and sharply worded battles over evidence, punctuated Monday’s opening of a court of inquiry that is examining whether former prosecutor Ken Anderson improperly hid evidence that could have helped Morton defend himself against a murder charge in 1987..........Morton served almost 25 years of a life sentence for his wife’s murder before DNA evidence led to his exoneration in 2011. Morton, the first witness called, spent more than five hours testifying, with breaks. Much of his testimony revolved around two key pieces of evidence: a transcript found in sheriff’s department files of a conversation between the lead investigator, Sgt. Don Wood, and Christine Morton’s mother, Rita Kirkpatrick, and a shorter version of the transcript recently found in Anderson’s trial file. The transcripts revealed that Kirkpatrick told Wood about a disturbing conversation she had just had with the Mortons’ 3-year-old son, Eric, 11 days after Christine Morton’s death. Eric said he had seen his mother crying as a “monster” hit her, Kirkpatrick said, adding that Eric said his father was not home at the time. Hardin asked Morton if, before his trial or “during 25 years in the penitentiary, did you ever know there was a tape and transcript in the sheriff’s department files about this conversation?” Morton: “No sir. It was a complete shock to me.”........ The court of inquiry will resume at 8 a.m. Tuesday with an eight-hour videotaped deposition of Anderson, taken in 2011 by Morton’s lawyers."

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