Thursday, February 7, 2013

Michael Morton: Special hearing. Day Three; Wednesday February 6, 2013. Morton's former lawyers: Key exculpatory evidence was never shared with the defence. YNN.

STORY: "Morton's attornies testify in Anderson court of inquiry," by reporter John A. Salazar, published by YNN on February 6, 2013.

GIST: "On Wednesday, the third day of the court of inquiry of Williamson County District Judge Ken Anderson, Michael Morton's former attorney, Bill White, testified that key evidence in Anderson's possession during Morton’s 1987 trial was never shared with the defense.White said that he and his partner were not given a fair chance to defend their young client at the time. He told the court that Anderson kept the investigator’s entire file away from his team—evidence which could have kept Morton out of prison for a crime he did not commit......... Judge Doug Arnold was the post-conviction attorney under former District Attorney John Bradley."When I got here there was not an open file policy," Judge Arnold said. "Not until Bradley brought me the case did I ever find out anything about Michael Morton.""

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See Texas Tribune story; Reporter Brandi Grissom:  "Attorneys for Anderson worked to show that defense lawyers did a poor job of chasing down the evidence that should have been available to them. They also sought to prove that the judge in the case ordered Anderson to provide only one report to the court, and he did that. In some of the most dramatic testimony of the day, Hardin read from a pre-trial transcript an argument between Anderson and defense lawyers in 1987. The reading came during questioning of County Court at Law Judge Doug Arnold, a former prosecutor who worked under Anderson. Arnold said he had considered Anderson an ethical prosecutor, and he asked his former boss to swear him in when he became a judge in 2010. In the passage Hardin read, Anderson told Judge William Lott that he would rather strike his own witness than give the defense lawyers notes he would have to turn over if she testified."

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