Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Larry Swearingen; Texas: Outstanding, outspoken, passionate lawyer/blogger Jeff Gamso on "testing and believing the fucking DNA." From his blog: The Defence Rests.

STORY: "On judges getting it right and prosecutors getting it wrong and testing and believing the fucking DNA," by Jeff Gamso, posted on his Blog "For the Defence" published on February 8, 2013.

GIST: "As Paul Kennedy wrote this morning, "Judge tells state to just test the damn DNA" which appears not to be exactly true, but hell, it was a headline.  And it sure looks like he's about to tell them to test it. It's from Larry Swearingen's case, the one where nine (9!) forensic pathologists examined the autopsy results and concluded that the evidence clearly showed that he was innocent.  You know, because he was in jail when someone (but not he) killed Melissa Trotter.  And now it looks like they'll finally test the DNA.  And really, it's about time and getting awfully close since the good people of Texas were meaning to kill him in less than a month.  And of course the prosecutor is on their side because who gives a rat's ass about innocence, after all, when the chance for killin' is so close."

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