Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Deborah Madden: Will former San Francisco civilian lab tech face a third trial for stealing cocaine from the crime lab? San Francisco Chronicle.

STORY: "Feds mull 3d trial for (San Francisco) drug lab tech," published by the San Francisco Chronicle on February 5, 2013.

PHOTO-CAPTION: "Deborah Madden, a former technician in the SFPD crime lab's drug unit who confessed to taking home small amounts of cocaine, would lose her city pension if convicted of a felony.
GIST: "The feds have until Feb. 15 to decide whether to take a third shot at the former civilian drug tech at the center of the San Francisco Police Department's crime-lab scandal - and the $72,000-a-year-pension she receives from the city. "I hope they give up the ghost," said Paul DeMeester, the attorney who has defended Deborah Madden in two felony trials that ended in hung juries - the most recent just last week. "If you look at the results, it's not going the feds' way," DeMeester said. "The first jury voted 9-3 for conviction. The second vote was 6-6." The U.S. attorney's office isn't talking about whether it will try again to convict Madden of stealing cocaine from the police crime lab.Had Madden, 62, been convicted, she stood not only to serve as much as four years in federal prison but also to lose the $72,000-a-year pension she earned by working in the crime lab for 29 years. Madden told police in February 2010 that she had taken home small amounts of cocaine from the lab to combat her drinking problem. Madden's confession, and the subsequent audit that found shoddy work at the lab's drug unit, led to a shutdown of the unit and forced San Francisco prosecutors to dismiss hundreds of drug cases. The San Francisco D.A. handed off the case to then-state Attorney General Jerry Brown, who declined to prosecute, saying there was insufficient evidence."

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Daily Dish!The entire story can be found aThe entire story can be found at:http://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/Feds-mull-3rd-trial-for-S-F-drug-lab-tech-4253841.ph