Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jerry Jenkins: How the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project made one last search for DNA evidence, freed him after many years, and identified the real killer; (This case is a powerful argument for laws requiring the safe, permanent, and well-identified storage of all DNA evidence in criminal cases. HL); Must Read!

STORY: "Jerry Jenkins," published by the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project in June, 2013,

GIST:  "Mr. Jenkins had always proclaimed his innocence of the crime and first sought DNA testing to prove his innocence in 1988, when DNA testing was in its infancy. Unfortunately, the DNA testing available at the time was unable to obtain a result. When he again attempted to obtain DNA testing in the mid-1990s, he was told that the evidence did not exist. For the next fifteen years, he was told again and again that the physical evidence did not exist. Then, in 2006, he learned that a notorious serial rapist who was incarcerated in Virginia had been convicted of the 1984 rape based on a DNA cold hit. He wrote to MAIP, and Screening Director Eily Raman recommended immediately accepting it as a non-DNA case. After an investigation that convinced MAIP staff that the other man had committed the crime, MAIP teamed up with partner Jim Bensfield and associate Jonathan Kossak of Miller and  Chevalier to litigate the case. In 2010, before filing a non-DNA innocence claim based on the non-biological evidence, MAIP and Miller and Chevalier decided to attempt one last search for DNA evidence. This time, Charles County was able to locate a box of physical evidence containing a hair. Technicians at Bode Technologies obtained a full Y-STR profile on semen that remained on the hair, and subsequent testing confirmed that the semen belonged to Derr."

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