Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pamela Jacobazzi: Procedural win for day care owner convicted of 1st-degree murder for violently shaking a child; But the battle for key records seems far from over; Medill Justice Project is fighting for records from the '94 case.

STORY:"Judge lifts ban on releasing records from '94 case sought by Medill Justice Project," by Alison Flowers,  published by the Medill Justice Project on June 6, 2013.

GIST: "A DuPage circuit court judge rejected prosecutors’ attempt to bar the release of records sought by The Medill Justice Project in a nearly 20-year-old case in which a day care owner was convicted of first-degree murder for violently shaking a child. With the judge’s decision, the state’s attorney general’s office said it is reaching out to the Bartlett Police Department to see if it will release the records to The Medill Justice Project. If Bartlett still denies the request, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office will continue to review the appeal, according to communications director Natalie Bauer. Under the Freedom of Information Act, last October The Medill Justice Project requested Bartlett, Ill., police records related to the investigation of the Pamela Jacobazzi case in which she was accused of inflicting head trauma on an infant in 1994. Bartlett, a western suburb of Chicago, denied the request.......... In December, The Medill Justice Project published an in-depth investigation that raised questions about Jacobazzi’s conviction. Jacobazzi, 58, maintains her innocence. She awaits a hearing on her post-conviction petition appeal Sept. 16 to see if she will be granted a new trial in DuPage. Meanwhile, she could be released on parole as early as 2015."
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 See Chicago Tribune story by Lee Scheier: June 12, 2005 at following link:  "Shaken baby syndrome: a search for truth: For two decades, people like Pamela Jacobazzi have been going to prison for killing infants like Matthew Czapski. But new findings say many of them shouldn't be there......... Pamela Jacobazzi once ran a day care program out of her home in suburban Bartlett. Today she is in the sixth year of a 32-year prison sentence, convicted of murdering a child in her care by shaking him to death-a form of homicide that has come to be known as shaken baby syndrome. She shares the fate of thousands of Americans who have been sent to prison over the past two decades on shaken baby charges. While some are clearly guilty of child abuse, many may be serving time for a crime they did not commit, say a growing number of physicians, pathologists and brain-injury specialists."

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