Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bulletin: Amanda Knox: Guede's handprint on the pillow from the beginning called "the signature of the crime" in her letter to the court setting out her defence. Associated Press. (Link provided to the five-page letter. (ABC News);

STORY: "Amanda Knox defends herself by email," by reporter Colleen Barry, published by Associated Press on December 17, 2013.

GIST: "Amanda Knox declared her innocence in her roommate's 2007 murder in a highly unusual email today to the Italian court hearing the case against her. The former US exchange student also said she was staying away from the trial out of fear of being wrongly convicted. ''I didn't kill. I didn't rape. I didn't rob. I didn't plot. I didn't instigate. I didn't kill Meredith," Knox wrote.........Defense lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova said that the changing scenarios for the murder and the lack of Knox's motive were weak points - and that in there is not sufficient evidence to convict. ''The lack of motive alone is a reason for acquittal," Dalla Vedova. He added that ''there was a lack of proof, and consequently doubt." While prosecutors have pointed to Knox's DNA on the presume murder weapon and that of the victim on the blade, Dalla Vedova argued that it doesn't make sense for the defendants to have carried the kitchen knife from Sollecito's apartment to murder Kercher, then put it back at his house. A murderer, he said, would have more likely tossed the weapon into the ravine below the house where the young women lived. The defense has said Knox used the knife for domestic purposes and that the DNA trace attributed to Kercher has been put into question. Dalla Vedova said Knox was a victim of ''judicial harassment" starting from the long interrogations without a lawyer. She said Knox should have been dropped from the investigation, along with Sollecito, when a bloody handprint on a pillow in Kercher's bedroom pointed to Guede. ''Guede's handprint on the pillow from the beginning was the signature of the crime,"

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