Monday, December 16, 2013

Jeffrey Havard: New expert evidence that his conviction was secured on the basis of a sexual assault which never occurred - and that the infant's death may have resulted from a pre-existing subdural hemorrhage resulting from a traumatic birth - at heart of motion for new trial; Wrongful Conviction News.

STORY: "New expert evidence could lead to new trial in Jeffrey Havard death penalty case," by Bruce Fischer published by "Wrongful Conviction News" on December 13, 2013.
GIST: "Unfortunately this expert evidence was not available at Jeffrey’s trial leaving the jury to decide his fate based on unqualified witness testimony. The evidence now shows that Jeffrey’s conviction was secured based on a sexual assault that never occurred. There is new evidence to show that Chloe’s death may have resulted from a preexisting subdural hemorrhage resulting from a traumatic birth. This preexisting medical condition left Chloe vulnerable to illness or injury from a minor impact. There is also new evidence regarding Shaken Baby Syndrome that was not available at the time of Jeffrey’s trial. Cases of subdural hemorrhage and injury from short falls have been notably misdiagnosed as SBS in past cases. Multiple experts have now reviewed Jeffrey’s case that have concluded that Chloe’s death was not the result of violent shaking. There is extensive new expert evidence that completely crumbles the case against Jeffrey Havard. Based on this new compelling evidence, Jeffrey’s defense team recently filed a motion for relief from judgment or for leave to file successive petition for post-conviction relief. There are currently 6 well qualified experts that support Jeffrey’s claims. There are currently no experts that support the prosecution’s theory.........  The State has until January 6, 2014, to respond to the motion filed by Jeffrey Havard’s defense team."
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