Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bulletin: Sonja Farak; Massachusetts: Two more narcotics cases dropped as prosecution says it has run out of resources to retest all of the cases the indicted former state chemist has handled; The Republican;

STORY: "Actions of indicted state chemist Sonja Farak cause 2 more Springfield cases to be dropped," by reporter Buffy Spencer, published by The Republican on December 17, 2013.

GIST:  "Two more narcotics cases involving defendants in Hampden Superior Court have fallen victim to the actions of indicted state chemist Sonja Farak who is accused of evidence tampering and theft.........As of November, 208 pending Hampden Superior Court drug cases had been dismissed because Farak is not available to testify about her testing of the drugs, according to the district attorney's office. New trials are being sought in dozens cases involving convictions based on drug testing by the indicted chemist. A judge in the superior court has already heard motions to grant new trials to 15 defendants who were convicted or entered guilty pleas in cases involving drug testing by Farak; thus far, two of those defendants were granted new trials. In granting the new trials, Judge C. Jeffrey Kinder concluded in November, “There is powerful evidence that this was not the first time (Jan. 18) that Farak tampered with drug samples at the Amherst Lab.” Kinder wrote in his opinion that he believed Farak had been tampering with drugs as far back as the summer of 2012.........In the Hampshire Superior Court case against Farak, 35, of Northampton, she has denied all charges against her. Those include four counts each of evidence tampering and larceny of drugs and two counts of possession of cocaine. She was one of two chemists at the drug testing laboratory run by the state police and located on the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus. She is only charged with the crimes for Jan. 18, the day before she was arrested. The prosecution is ordering retesting of drug samples in some cases, but there are not enough resources to retest all cases she handled, Flannery said. There are the pending cases, which have not got to a trial date, in which Farak was involved, according to Flannery. Defense lawyers during the hearings before Kinder questioned repeatedly why it appears no entity is investigating the scope of Farak’s criminal activity to see if she should face more charges of drug theft of tampering on other dates.........Farak is scheduled for trial on Feb. 5 in Hampshire Superior Court in Northampton. She has denied the charges against her."

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