STORY: "Eastman 'holding up well' ahead of his judgment day on Friday," by reporter Christopher Knaus, published by the Canberra Times on August 20, 2014.
SUB-HEADING:   "Is David Eastman about to spend his last night in prison?"
GIST: "David Eastman is in suspense but reportedly "holding up well" ahead of his day of judgment on Friday. There is a chance that Thursday night could be his last night in prison after more than 19 years behind bars for killing Assistant Federal Police Commissioner Colin Winchester near the ACT police chief's Deakin home in 1989.........Eastman was convicted of the murder after a lengthy trial in 1995, but an inquiry recommended earlier this year that the conviction be quashed, after serious flaws were identified with the forensics linking him to the scene.........The full bench of the ACT Supreme Court will decide whether to quash Eastman's conviction, quash it and order a retrial, maintain the conviction, or recommend a pardon. Should the court order a retrial, the buck will be passed to the Director of Public Prosecutions, who would decide whether to try Eastman again. "Irrespective of what they do, he can't get a fair retrial," Mr O'Donnell said. ACT correctional authorities have also offered Eastman, as with all prisoners, support and preparation before his possible release.  The full bench will deliver its judgment at 2.15pm on Friday."
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