Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nelson Hart: Newfoundland; Momentous development; Mr. Big accused Nelson Hart will not face new murder trial. CBC News.

STORY: "Mr. Big accused Nelson Hart won't face new murder trial," published by CBC News on August 5, 2014.

SUB-HEADING: "Hart was convicted in 2007 of drowning twin daughters, but decision overturned on appeal."

GIST: "Nelson Hart, the Newfoundland man at the centre of the Mr. Big sting decision in Canada's top court last week, won't  face a new murder trial. Crown prosecutors in Gander announced Tuesday that they will not seek another murder trial for Hart.........Last week, the Supreme Court of Canada said the confession Hart made during the RCMP's so-called Mr. Big undercover sting can't be used as evidence in a new trial. Hart's past and current lawyers have said that confession is the only evidence the Crown has against him."

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Related Canadian Press story: "The case stalled until the RCMP launched the Mr. Big sting in February 2005. They spent about $413,000 over four months while officers posing as gangsters recruited Hart to join their crime network. He was wined and dined across the country as he met other fake mobsters at restaurants, casinos and strip clubs, moving what he thought was stolen goods. Lawyers for Hart at his appeal stressed that he had a Grade 5 education, was on social assistance and was easily led. They argued that he was especially vulnerable to the Mr. Big tactic used by police across Canada to extract confessions of prior crimes. In a secretly videotaped exchange in June 2005, an officer posing as a gang leader asked Hart about the deaths of his daughters in a concocted test of Hart’s loyalty. Hart began to talk about his seizure but was told not to lie. He then described how he could not accept that social workers planned to give his brother custody of his children. Hart is shown on another tape re-enacting on a Gander Lake wharf how he used his shoulder to shove the girls off. Hart’s defence lawyer argued that his client’s confession was unreliable. He said Hart needed money, was paid more than $15,000 during the Mr. Big operation and was intimidated."



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