Friday, August 22, 2014

Douglas Prade; Ohio; Former police department captain returned to custody - in spite earlier ruling that he had been wrongfully convicted of the 1997 death of his wife.

STORY: "Douglas Prade returned to custody," published by  on July 31, 2014.

GIST: "On July 25, Summit County Common Pleas Court Judge Christine Croce ordered Douglas Prade returned to custody. On July 23, the Ohio Supreme Court declined to hear the former Akron Police Department captain’s appeal and denied his motion to extend his stay. The Supreme Court had temporarily stayed a Ninth District Court of Appeals ruling that would return Prade to prison. The Ninth District Court of Appeals had released an opinion March 19 overturning former Summit County Common Pleas Judge Judy Hunter’s ruling that Prade was wrongfully convicted of the 1997 death of his wife, Dr. Margo Prade. Hunter’s ruling in January was based on new DNA evidence, she said. According to Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh, Prade remains convicted of the murder.........“The Appellate Court and now the Supreme Court both agree with us that Judge Judy Hunter abused her discretion when she overturned Doug Prade’s conviction,” said Prosecutor Walsh. “Doug Prade terrorized his estranged wife Margo before killing her shortly before Thanksgiving in 1997. We intend to return Prade to prison, where he belongs.” The appellate court has not yet decided whether Hunter’s order for a new trial is valid. The Summit County Prosecutor’s Office has asked the court for permission to appeal the order for a new trial, if that order is valid. If the court finds that the order for a new trial is not valid, then Croce will decide whether to order a new trial."

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See Associated Press report on some of the legal issues: "At issue is the interpretation of an appeals court ruling last week in the case against Douglas Prade. Attorneys for Prade say the 9th District Court of Appeals requires Summit County judge Christine Croce to order a new trial, while prosecutors say the court left it up to Croce to decide. Croce scheduled the hearing for next Monday."


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