STORY: "Bob Chappell murder: "Lawyer flags 'errors' in Susan Neill-Fraser's trial," published by ABC News on August 20, 2014.

GIST:  A lawyer who specializes in miscarriages of justice claims he can identify four errors in the murder trial of Hobart woman Susan Neill-Fraser that warrant review. South Australian lawyer and researcher Dr Rob Moles has joined the campaign to overturn Neill-Fraser's conviction for murdering her partner Bob Chappell on their yacht five years ago. Neill-Fraser is serving a 23-year sentence and intervention by Tasmania's Attorney-General is her only hope after two attempts to have the conviction overturned failed. Her husband's body has never been found and Neill-Fraser's supporters continue to maintain she is innocent......... Supporters want Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin to send the matter to the Court of Criminal Appeal. After studying the case for several months, Dr Moles said he had identified what he believed were four errors made at the trial that could warrant the conviction being overturned. "Forensic evidence, for example, involved an initial screening test as if they were confirmatory evidence of the presence of blood and that was a mistake," he said. "And it's the type of mistake that was made in the IRA bombing cases in England in the 1990s and also in the case of Lindy Chamberlain in Australia. "We're quite confident that if we have the chance to speak to people in forensic services and with the DPP office that we can avoid the normal adversarial aspects of these cases at this stage and develop a joint approach to the Attorney-General."
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