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Charles Smith: 'What kind of man series': Part Nine of ten; I can think of no better way of (almost) concluding this series - there will now be a Part Ten called 'Lessons learned' - than with the insightful words of the late New Democratic Party Justice critic - who I, and many others, greatly respected for his profound sense of justice. than providing


In a recent post on Dr. Colin Manock - the  self-styled  forensic 'expert' who was not qualified to do death investigations and was responsible for Henry Keogh's wrongful conviction, and who knows how many others, I raised the question 'what kind of man would allow himself to play such a destructive, harmful role in his state's criminal justice system?'  The post can be accessed at:

That post inspired me to take a similar approach with respect to Canada's 'Colin Manock' - Charles Smith (once worshipped as the renowned Dr. Charles Randal Smith) - before he, too, was revealed to have been  a forensic fraud.  I will leave it to our readers to decide for themselves 'what kind of man' was reflected in the series of nine  posts ending today. For now,  I will leave the last word with the late Peter Kormos, Justice Critic for the New Democratic Party in Ontario,  a warrior  against injustice.

"While it wasn't (Public Inquiry Commissioner Stephen) Goudge's job to indict Smith, he, in a very careful and judicially toned comment, did as much. Goudge wrote: "... Smith was adamant that his failings were never intentional. I simply cannot accept such a sweeping attempt to escape moral responsibility." In other words, the inference that you draw from that comment is that Goudge said these were intentional and that Smith knew full well what he was doing in his zeal to convict people, in Smith's zeal to pander to his bosses, in Smith's zeal to be seen as a caped crusader, in Smith's zeal to be seen as a friend of the victim, and in Smith's zeal to be seen as a friend of the police and the prosecution."

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