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Henry Keogh: Part Six: Dr. Colin Manock: The self-styled forensic expert who was not qualified to do death investigations and played a central role in Keogh's wrongful conviction - and who knows how many othr wrongful convictions; What kind of man would allow himself to play such a destructive, harmful role in his state's criminal justice system? Channel 7's 'todaytonight' Adelaide' goes a long way to answering this fundamental question in a startling two part exposé - a truly jolting, unbelievable 'must see' documentary which can be accessed at the links below.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Recent posts on South Australian  Henry Keogh's exoneration have revealed the infamous role played by South Australia's former Chief forensic officer  Dr. Colin Manock who falsely held himself out - backed by the  state officials who ordered autopsies and proffered his testimony as to the cause of death - as qualified to conduct death investigations. As Manock has conducted an estimated 400 criminal autopsies disturbing question marks hang over hundreds of cases which cry out for urgent, independent review. How many other Henry Keogh's have been convicted and locked away because of this once highly respected fraud.? But what kind of man would allow himself to play such a destructive, harmful role in his state's criminal justice system. The TV investigative show "Channel Seven: todaytonight Adelaide," reveals a  shocking answer to this question, in a two part documentary, screened in March, 2016,  simply headed: "Dr. Colin Manock; Part One" and "Dr. Colin Manock; Part Two. In the productions words: "We have exposed a great many disturbing things on this program but tonights revelation has no rival." I couldn't agree more.

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Both parts, reported by Graham Archer, who played an outstanding role in keeping the Keogh case before the public - in spite of the government's efforts to repress efforts to expose the miscarriage of justice - ran on 'todaytonight Adelaide' on March 21, 2016.

Dr. Colin Manock; Part One can be found at the link below;

Dr. Colin Manock; Part Two can be found at the link below;


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