Saturday, December 17, 2016

Abortion U.S.A. Part 2): 'Vice News' asks ' What happens if Trump gets Roe v. Wade overturned?' - and concludes that "The maze of abortion restrictions in Mike Pence's Indiana offer a preview." and takes us on a tour of Vice President elect Mike Pence’s Indiana...."The burden of traveling out of state is much heavier for low-income women, who often resort to desperate measures to make the journey. Cowett said she once saw a patient who was planning to sleep in her car overnight in the dead of the Chicago winter. Procuring transportation, accommodations, and childcare (a majority of women having abortions already have one child) can be impracticable without outside help. “I had to get childcare for my son and I needed to make sure I was there on time in the morning,” Anna said. “I also don’t have a car or someone, like a family friend, who could pick me up. It would have been better if I could go closer to my home in Indiana instead of spending hours traveling, but I had help from the clinic and the MAC (Midwest Access Coalition), and so everything worked out.” Not everyone is able to access that much help. They may not be aware that these types of programs exist, or the available money is not enough to address all their needs. Or they may face hurdles beyond finances. Women who live in communities that shun abortion or who are in abusive relationships often need to keep their procedures a secret for their own safety, and while they may be able to slip away for a day, a multiday trip, not to mention a significant outlay of money, may be impossible to coordinate without anyone finding out."

STORY: "What happens if Trump gets Roe v. Wade overturned?'  by Rebecca Grant,  published by Vice News on December 8, 2916. (Rebecca Grant,  is a freelance journalist based in Brooklyn,  writes about reproductive rights.)

SUB-HEADING:  "The maze of abortion restrictions in Mike Pence's Indiana offer a preview."

SUB-HEADING:  "Mike Pence signed every one of the eight abortion bills that crossed his desk and slashed funding for Planned Parenthood."

SUB-HEADING:  "Limiting abortion access does not mean women stop getting abortions — it means those who can are going elsewhere to get them"