Tuesday, December 13, 2016

William Amor; Illinois; Out-dated/discredited arson investigative techniques; Bulletin: Innocence Project: Outdated Arson Methods raised in Monday's court hearing..."In 1997, 41-year-old William Amor was convicted of killing his mother-in-law in a house fire. Through a confession he made to the police, Amor said that he’d started the fire to collect insurance money. But lawyers from the Illinois Innocence Project argued in court on Monday that new arson technology reveals that Amor’s confession was false; the fire was an accident and Amor was wrongfully convicted, they said."..."“It is now known that a fire cannot start that way,” stated Amor’s attorneys in a release, wrote the Naperville Sun. “The methods used by the original fire investigators are no longer accepted as a scientifically reliable methodology in fire investigations. . . . In fact, the National Fire Protection Association’s Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigation . . . does not support the findings in this case.” Based on this new evidence, Amor’s attorneys are asking to have his conviction overturned. Amor has been in prison for 18 years."Leads Illinois Murder Case Back to Court' Innocence Project: