STORY: "Annie Dookhan and the Massachusetts drug lab crisis," by reporter Deborah  Becker, published by WBUR on May 19, 2013.

GIST:" In August 2012, Massachusetts officials closed the Hinton state drug lab in Jamaica Plain because a then-obscure chemist allegedly “failed to follow testing protocols” while testing drugs related to criminal cases. That chemist is no longer obscure: Annie Dookhan is now frequently mentioned by lawyers, judges, police and criminal defendants who refer to the cases she handled as “Dookhan cases......... The ripple effects of the potentially bogus testing are staggering for the criminal justice system and for the defendants. As authorities review the cases involved, they’re also considering cases where defendants received stiffer sentences because of previous offenses. Or cases where defendants risked or lost jobs, public housing, custody of their children, or deportation.
District attorneys have set up “war rooms” in their offices just so staffers can research and match the cases in which Dookhan tested the drug evidence. They’ve hired retired judges to preside over dozens of special court sessions to review each case and decide whether to release those incarcerated and/or hold new trials.........“Bad Chemistry” is WBUR’s chronicling of the drug lab, the chemist and the justice system’s turmoil; the turmoil will likely take years and tens of millions of dollars to unravel.
We will continue to publish and update the information as the story unfolds."