STORY: "Defence starts calling witnesses in Jacobsen manslaughter trial," by reporter Josh Peterson, published by KVEW TV  on May 2, 2013.

 GIST: "Prosecuting attorneys rested this morning in the trial of a Richland nanny accused of killing the one-year-old child she was watching over nearly two years ago. Kelli Jacobsen is charged with manslaughter in the June 2011 death of Ryder Morrison. After the state rested today, Jacobsen's attorney Scott Johnson began calling witnesses to the stand.  Johnson first called two people who were working as chaplains at Kadlec Regional Medical Center the day Ryder died - both of them met with Jacobsen after she arrived at the hospital that day. The chaplains described Jacobsen's demeanor while they were with her, and both said Jacobsen's actions and emotions did not cause them any concern. One chaplain said when Jacobsen spoke, her lips quivered and her voice was shaky.
"She was distraught, anxious, deeply concerned. I think perhaps fearful as well" said Tom Becraft, chaplain. "As I approached her, I noticed that she was flushed, her eyes were wet as if she had been crying. She was rocking in a forward, back movement, slightly in a sort of self-soothing manner" said Amy Hoyt, former chaplain. Jacobsen's best friend Amy Graves, who spent the night at Ryder's home the night before he died, also testified today. She says Ryder was acting unusual the morning of the day he died."

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