STORY: "Defence rests in Jacobsen manslaughter trial," by reporter  Josh Peterson, published by KVEW TV on May 6, 2013.

GIST: "Today, the defense rested in the manslaughter trial of Kelli Jacobsen. Before resting this morning, Jacobsen's attorney called two witnesses to the stand: Richland police detective Damon Jansen and defense investigator Allison Taylor. Taylor testified about a March 2013 interview between attorneys and radiologist Dr. Shawn Jones, who looked at Ryder's injuries. Taylor was present for the interview and took notes. She says while explaining Ryder's injuries during the interview, Dr. Jones said there was significant trauma and bleeding in Ryder's brain, and the injury could have happened the day before Ryder was taken to the hospital. "He stated it takes time for this to occur. He was asked how much time would that be, and he stated it could be as much as a day, not days, and many, many hours to occur" said Taylor, reading her notes from the interview. Dr. Jones testified earlier in the trial as a witness for the prosecution. During his testimony, Dr. Jones said he believed the injury happened minutes to hours, not days, before Ryder was taken to the hospital......... The jury has been sent home for the day. Jury members will return to court Tuesday morning."

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