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David Camm: Aftermath 9: Answers to some of the commonly asked questions about the wrongful prosecution of David Camm; (From the Justice for David Camm Blog. Must Read: HL):

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: I found the "frequently asked question" section of the "Justice for David Camm" Blog to be very illuminating - and borne out by the acquittal at the recently concluded third trial. The replies to the almost three dozen questions are highly readable and provide great insight into the heart of this tainted prosecution - and are worth a close read.

Harold Levy; Publisher; The Charles Smith Blog.

POST: "Frequently asked questions,"  published by the "Justice for David Camm" web site before his recent acquittal on the third trial.

GIST: (Here, for example,  is one of the questions and its related response):   Q: How many theories has the prosecution had about when and who committed the murders of Kim, Brad and Jill?  A: At least four: The first theory was that Dave left the gym around 9:00PM and that three sounds interpreted (by Sgt. Clemons) as gunshots were heard by a neighbor between 9:15-9:30PM, indicating that he committed the murders during that 15 minute window. He was the sole perpetrator. After a myriad of evidence (time needed for blood/serum separation; children still in the Bronco; Brad still in swim trunks; etc.) was finally weighed, including conclusive evidence that Dave didn't even leave the gym until the alarm was set at 9:22PM that theory changed. The second theory was based upon telephone records obtained by the State regarding a call that occurred from the Camm residence at 7:19PM. That telephone call was to a prospective client of Camm's. That's one pretty cool guy. He sneaks out of basketball after only a few minutes (not to mention there's only 10 players, meaning that he leaves a 5 on 5 game in progress in which he is playing), is not missed, drives home, waits at home to murder his family (again, by himself), places an unanswered call to a client, (the Bronco driven by Kim according to a neighbor/eyewitness doesn't even enter the road to the house until around 7:35PM), and he then murders the family, drives back to the gym, returns to the game (from which he had to have been gone for at least 20-25 minutes) without anyone noticing the blood on his shirt or shoes, and has the same demeanor throughout the night. The only problem with that theory is that the call occurred at 6:19PM, or an hour prior to when the prosecution claimed it occurred. The State was off by an hour on the phone call. Nonetheless, the basketball players, who didn't play a role in the first theory, are now labeled as liars who are covering for Camm when their stories don't change that he never left the gym. The third theory is that David Camm, somehow or another, at some time or another, snuck out of the gymnasium, wasn't missed, drove home, was lucky enough to know when the family was going to arrive, murders the family (he being the lone perpetrator), drives back to the game, is cool and calm, and no one notices the blood on his shirt or shoes. Oh, and all three of the first three theories include the allegation that Camm also manipulated or cleaned up the crime scene, including adding bleach to the blood, throwing the used bleach over the back porch, and placing the shoes on top of the Bronco. Several minutes must be added to the time it took to commit the crime. The fourth theory is that Camm and Boney were together during the commission of the crime, somehow or another, at some time or another and that Camm did something and Boney did something. The State never did actually make any type of specific assertion as to who did what, other than David Camm shot and killed Jill, his daughter, while squatting directly in front of her, or between her and the back of the front passenger seat, which resulted in 8 tiny dots of blood being deposited on the lower left of his T-shirt (does that even pass the common sense smell test? However, that's the only way that they can get the blood on his T-shirt to be blowback from Jill's gunshot wound). The State never specifically said what time the crime occurred, who killed Kim or Brad, or what role Charles Boney had in the murders. They did allege that Dave and Boney conspired with one another to commit murder, but there was no evidence of that ever presented and that charge was summarily dismissed by Camm's trial judge. The glue that held all four theories together, however, was the heinous and completely unsubstantiated allegation that Dave had molested his daughter. That trumped any need to provide specific evidence about who, what, when, where, and how the crimes were committed. Once a person, and indeed, a jury, is told that a father violated his daughter, the die has been irrevocably cast."

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