Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gareth Williams: U.K. 'Spy in bag' case. Telegraph story focuses on experts who conclude that he did not get into the holdall alone - and notes that "no finger, foot, palm prints or DNA belonging to Mr. Williams was found on the rim of the bath, padlock or zipper and he was not wearing any gloves."

STORY: 'Spy in bag': Gareth Williams did not get into holdall alone, say experts," by reporter Hayley Dixon published by the Telegraph on November 17, 2013.

 GIST: "Experts who tried and failed to recreate the method of death of spy Gareth Williams say they do not agree with the police finding that the MI6 man died by accident. The codebreaker could not have got into the bag and locked it from the inside alone, witnesses who worked closely with the investigation have claimed after attempting the task more than 400 times. No one has ever come forward who has been able to recreate the scene. When Mr Williams' naked, decomposing body was found in the bath of his flat in Pimlico, London, in August 2010, the handles of the holdall had been fastened with Velcro, there was no sign of him struggling to escape, and the eyelets on the locks had been perfectly aligned. No finger, foot, palm prints or DNA belonging to Mr Williams was found on the rim of the bath, padlock or zipper and he was not wearing any gloves. Despite the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death and an inquest finding that he had been unlawfully killed, the police have now concluded that Mr Williams most likely got into the bag by himself and died after failing to get out again. However, William MacKay, a confined spaces expert who gave evidence at the inquest, said that he still believes that someone else was involved. "Everything leads to that being the case," he said. "When you put the forensic evidence together with the other evidence the likelihood that one person could do it is slim. "Where is all the DNA that would have been around the bath? I would stay short of saying it was murder, because obviously it could have been an accident that someone else could have been involved in, the scenarios are many.""

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