Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fran Keller: Aftermath one: Texas Monthly story descibes "another similarity" between the Keller case and the San Antonio Four case: "Both are driven by changing science - the medical science of the hymen." Michael Hall.

STORY: "Wrongfully convicted grandma freed," by Michael Hall, published by Texas Monthly on November 27, 2013. (Thanks to Grits for Breakfast for bringing this informative article to our attention. HL.)

SUB-HEADING:  "After Fran Keller spent 21 years in prison based on allegations by children who said they were sexually abused in a satanic ritual at her and her husband's day care, she was finally released."

GIST: "Another similarity between the San Antonio and Austin cases is that both are being driven by changing science—the medical science of the hymen. The only physical evidence in the San Antonio Four case was testimony from a pediatrician named Nancy Kellogg, who said that a 2-3mm white “scar” (about the width of a quarter) on the hymen of one of the young girls making sex-abuse allegations against the four defendants could have been evidence of sexual assault. Now we know better. What about the dozens of other inmates in Texas convicted of child-sex abuse and sent away because of testimony that scars or lacerations on hymens were evidence of abuse? It’s safe to say we should expect to see more writs soon based on changing science."

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See Grits for Breakfast post: "Fran Keller released: Based on refuted junk science.".... "No way Rosemary Lehmberg will take the case back to court based solely on that sort of garbage testimony. Noted Smith, "The Kellers were among hundreds of child-care workers across the nation who, in the Eighties and Nineties, were accused of being part of a network of satan worshippers who abused children taken to daycare."


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