STORY: "Freedom comes to three of the 'San Antonio 4,"  by reporter Michelle Mondo, published on November 28, 2013 by the San Antonio Express.

GIST:  "After spending more than a decade in prison for a crime they say never happened, four women fighting for exoneration emerged from the Bexar County Jail Monday, free to go home. A large group of media waited as Elizabeth Ramirez, 39, Cassandra Rivera, 38, and Kristie Mayhugh, 40, arrived outside the jail holding hands at about 8:15 p.m. They were joined by a fourth woman, Anna Vasquez, 38, who has been out on parole for more than a year.........(Prosecutor) Reed said Friday she agreed with the defense that the evidence gathered during the sexual assault examinations of the nieces and the testimony at trial have since been disproved. She also announced that if the higher court vacates the convictions, she won't seek to retry the women. Dr. Nancy Kellogg, the state's expert witness, testified that a mark found on the hymen of one of the girls was a scar and indicative of traumatic abuse. The consensus among the scientific community now, both prosecutors and defense attorneys said, is that those types of marks are not signs of abuse. Ware has been working with the district attorney's office on the terms of the release and the recommendations requesting a new trial that were filed in district court in October. The next legal step will be at the Court of Criminal Appeals, which will review the case, including the recommendations for a new trial."

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