STORY: "David Eastman inquiry result spurs call for royal commission into forensic procedures, by reporter Juleanne Strachan,  published by the Canberra Times on June 5, 2014.

GIST: "A royal commission should be held into the forensic procedures that have been operating in Australia for the past 20 years in light of the inquiry findings into the murder conviction of David Harold Eastman, an influential justice advocacy group has said. Courts in Australia had not been able to discern good forensic evidence from unreliable material in some cases, which needed the full attention of a Royal Commission, Networked Knowledge co-ordinator Dr Bob Moles told the Sunday Canberra Times. Dr Moles has been credited by former Justice of the High Court of Australia Michael Kirby with prompting new appeal laws in South Australia due to his book Forensic Investigations and Miscarriages of Justice, co-written by Bibi Sangha and Kent Roach. Dr Moles said errors in the Eastman case were very similar to errors in a number of cases in SA, some of which were still awaiting appeal."