STORY: "SA's (South Australia's)  new appeal laws may spread around the country," by reporter Julieanne Strachan published by The Canberra Times on June 7, 2014.

GIST: "South  Australia introduced historic reforms last year that granted prisoners a statutory right to appeal their convictions where there was fresh and compelling evidence. It was the most significant change to SA's criminal appeals laws in a century and was hailed by former Justice of the High Court of Australia Michael Kirby as a decision that should potentially be copied by other states and territories. Justice Kirby said in an opinion piece, published by Fairfax in May 2013, that experience had shown that errors could slip through the system. He said that if appeal courts examined a case and rejected it, then it was difficult to introduce new arguments on further appeal to the High Court. "The court has also repeatedly ruled that, under the constitution, it cannot receive new evidence (such as DNA evidence), no matter how persuasive and powerful that evidence might be,'' he said."'