Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wrongful Conviction Day: AIDWYC (The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted) launches annual "Wrongful Conviction Day" - the 2d day of October - Invites others around the word to "sign on" and commemorate the day in their own way. (What a great idea! I'm in! Harold Levy. Publisher: The Charles Smith Blog.") Link provided makes it easy to "sign on."

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: What a great idea!  One day a year, effective October 2, 2014,  to commemorate the wrongfully convicted. An opportunity for organizations and individuals  around the world to highlight the dangers of wrongful convictions  - and the ways of preventing them - through their own programs and  in their own ways. These could range from a focus on particular cases,  to public forums aimed at attracting media attention, visits to schools,  law school seminars, whatever. The range of possibilities is endless. I will use this Blog to put the spotlight on those who are still behind bars  because of flawed science - and the need to do something about it. AIDWYC Director Ron Dalton sums this up very well when he says:

"As a wrongfully convicted person I feel it is very important to keep the issue before the public on a regular basis, we are hoping you share this goal and will allow us to add the name of your organization to the growing list of international supporters for this initiative. ....Thanks for your consideration of this project we look forward to building it together into an international day of recognition."

I hope you will sign on also -  and help spread the word about "Wrongful Conviction Day" as widely as possible.

By signing on you will be undertaking to commemorate October 2 annually as "Wrongful Conviction Day," to conduct whatever programs you see fit in order to achieve the day's objectives,  to permit AIDWYC to let others know you have signed on, to encourage other organizations to get involved, and to promote "Wrongful Conviction Day" as much as possible. 

To sign on just send a note to my good friend Win Wahrer  at:

Best wishes.

Harold  Levy.

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