STORY: "City of Vancouver says wrongfully convicted Ivan Henry not innocent," by reporter Ian Mulgrew, published by the Vancouver Sun on June 13 2014.

SUB-HEADING: "Civil trial for damages related to 27-year imprisonent delayed until August. 2015.

PHOTO  CAPTION: "Ivan Henry, wrongfully imprisoned after spending 27 years in jail for sex crimes, is facing legal hurdles in his bid for damages. A civil trial is set for August, 2015.

GIST: "A man freed after 27 years of wrongful imprisonment for serial sex crimes is facing claims by the City of Vancouver backed by the provincial government that he is really guilty. In an astounding defence against civil damages, a city lawyer told B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson that a lengthy six-month trial was necessary to establish Ivan Henry’s right to compensation for his quarter-century ordeal. “My clients don’t accept the assertion he is innocent,” said Bruce Quayle of the city’s legal department. “The (B.C.) Court of Appeal didn’t say that.”  In its defence filed with the court, the city says Henry “committed one or more of the sexual assaults for which he was convicted … and, as a result, is not entitled to an award of damages” for wrongful conviction.........After an investigation into exculpatory material discovered during the investigation of Robert Pickton’s serial killings, Henry was released in 2009. The B.C. Court of Appeal acquitted him in October 2010 after the Crown conceded evidence wasn’t disclosed to the defence and other mistakes had been made in the prosecution and by the judge during the trial. The appellate bench said no reasonable jury would have convicted Henry. Four years later, he faces a lengthy trial more than a year from now to win compensation for the police, prosecutorial and governmental mistakes that led to his conviction and incarceration for crimes now attributed to another man."

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